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H & M Terminals Transport Corp and J. Cioffi Cargo Management Announce Merger of Medley, FL operations

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H&M International Transportation

Integrated Services

Every Step Of the Way

Vision & Leadership

In 1968 H & M International Transportation started as a small, family-owned Trucking Company, providing pier pick-up and delivery services to shippers in the New York Metropolitan Area. The mission was to align all transportation modes, including Steamship Lines, Railroads, and Motor Carriers, with a vision toward integrating these services for the beneficial owners of the freight. H & M’s leadership team created the single service provider concept, an approach that revolutionized Intermodal Transportation and positioned the company as a leader of the fledgling Globalization movement that became the greatest force driving world economies since the invention of the steam engine.


Today our scope of operations includes a full range of transportation services, the variety of which is driven solely by our customers’ demands. The drumbeat is – always – to ensure service continuity. To that end, a network of company-managed facilities is strategically located in major seaport cities and inland rail hub connections to perform operations such as:

  • Local, Regional, and Over-The-Road Trucking
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Container Yard Services (CY)
  • Container Freight Stations (CFS)
  • Container & Chassis Maintenance & Repair
  • Lift-On/Lift-Off Services

Looking Ahead

H & M is recognized and accepted as a leader in the Intermodal Industry for one reason: our people.  Our employees have set us apart for generations and they continue to do so today. For more than 40 years we have been in the forefront of our industry because we invest in our people and we commit to the processes, service, and technology that will support their efforts. Clearly, our high levels of customer satisfaction are the result of exceptional service and our people embrace that philosophy every day in every way.


We know that excellence in Global Transportation is a moving target. Our aim is to continue to perfect the concept of Intermodal Transportation and Logistics as it evolves around the world. Since the entire H & M team is committed to holding our leadership position – we will always polish our skills, enhance our services, refine our processes and respect our customers.


H & M: Achieving excellence in growing markets. Every Step of the Way.



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